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Benefits of Sumac in your RV Kitchen

Whilst many do know and understand the power of Sumac, many do not. Being an Executive Chef and from the Mediterranean, I hope to encourage more and more people to understand the benefits of sumac in your RV kitchen and invest and use this wonderful spice. It is rich in color, versatile for use in many dishes and a powerful Anti Inflammatory amongst many other health benefits. Read on to find out more about this amazing spice.

Full of Vitamin C, magnesium and calcium are among many reasons why you should invest in this amazing spice now.

Sumac is found all over the Mediterranean. And, It is no great surprise to know that Mediterranean people use this powerful spice on many dishes including Soup and Salads.

Where Does Sumac Come From?

Sumac comes from berries of a wild bush found all over the Mediterranean, especially in Southern Italy and Sicily. Sumac can also be found in the Middle East, mostly Iran.

Where Can you Purchase Sumac

Although most high-end supermarkets carry Sumac in their spice section, we would recommend checking out your local Mediterranean store. Or, even a local fresh produce store. If you google “Mediterranean store near me” you’re more than likely to hit on a store at your location or close to. If you are not sure what you are looking for once in the Mediterranean shop, ask the owner or assistant. Walking into a Mediterranean shop is like walking into Aladdin’s Cave. Full of gourmet spices and hard to find ingredients for any kind of cooking.

What does Sumac Taste Like?

You may have heard us talk about Sumac in one of our Youtube Videos. Here we have used Sumac several times in our dishes whilst showing people how to make some of our wonderful recipes.

Sumac is a kind of spice that can be hard to describe in taste. The reason I am saying this is that, if I were to say “it has a strong tangy lemon taste” it may just put you off trying this wonderful spice. I can, however, tell you, that even though it is a spice – it is NOT spicy as in a hot spice.

By itself, if you were to taste sumac, you most likely would say it tastes dry and lemony. But WOW, once you mix it or add to certain dishes it’s like a chain reaction of tastes. A kind of chemical reaction on your taste buds (Sumac is NOT a chemical) that brings out the overall maximum taste of your dish.

Top 4 Benefits of Sumac

  1. Anti Inflammatory
  2. Good for Diabetes
  3. Diuretic
  4. Reduces Muscle Aches
Sumac RV Exec Chef

1. Anti Inflammatory

It’s true! Sumac is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory spices you could ever use. Sumac has the ability to neutralize all those nasty free radicals that can cause aging, cancer, heart disease, strokes and inflammation of the skin.

Sumac RV Exec Chef

2. Diabetes

Regulates Blood Sugar levels. That’s right, studies have reported that sumac may help maintain blood sugar levels in diabetes and pre-diabetes. Studies concluded that a daily intake of 3grams of sumac for 3 months may be beneficial for diabetic patients helping them less susceptible to cardiovascular disease.

Sumac RV Exec Chef

3. Diuretic

Sumac is known to have diuretic properties helping the removal of toxic substances from the body. It can help in the treatment of bladder inflammation and urinary burning health issues.

Sumac RV Exec Chef

4. Reduce Muscle Aches

Together with a healthy lifestyle, Sumac juice has been known to help with muscle pain during exercise. The rich antioxidant within Sumac can also help with the inflammation of muscles. Therefore, reducing the impact of inflammation during exercise and after.

For various recipe ideas as to how to use Sumac and the benefits of Sumac in your RV Kitchen, check out our youtube channel. We have published two great kebab recipes using Sumac Onion which enhances any great-tasting kebab. As time goes on we will definitely be adding more recipes which include sumac such as Mediterranean Lentil Soup.

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