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Creating our 1st Youtube Video – Rv Exec Chef

Creating our 1st youtube video – Kofte Flat Meatball

A lot of people have asked, “was it easy creating your 1st youtube video”? Honestly?. Right now, shortly after our first video, we can honestly say no, not at all.  

After countless hours talking about creating our first youtube video and thinking about it overnight, it slowly became clearer.  We watched so many youtube videos to gain some idea of “how-to”. We used our iPhone several times to practice and never happy.

Probably it took a month before we plucked up the courage to take it further. Saying that we had no idea of how to edit a video once we completed recording. We had another challenging obstacle to jump over if we were ever to finally launch on youtube.

Computer Crash – Editing $$$

Once we researched video editing programs (trying several), we purchased Adobe Premier Pro. Wow, again no idea, what a huge program to start with!. Several attempts practicing, watching tutorials, we slowly got it. This was harder than actually filming.

Realizing our desktop did not have a graphics card to support the program was a challenge. Somehow the computer crashed badly and we lost everything that was ever stored on the computer. Frustration crept in at this point badly. All the images we downloaded, previous files had just disappeared. Luckily most had uploaded to cloud. Thank heavens for cloud huh.

Another challenge, getting the computer up to speed with the required components. Finally, we had the computer repaired and hey presto the program worked. We were so lucky!. We managed to locate a computer repair shop close to where we lived. They fixed it within a day without overselling a thing installing exactly what we needed.

Now was the fun part. Getting back on track learning to edit with determination studying for many hours. Hours went by, days went by. Some hours we had many breakthroughs and hey presto, light bulb effect. Others felt like zero achievements with no clue what to do. Now looking back so much was learned in such a small space of time and on the whole enjoyable.

Another week went by. Every little achievement we accomplished generated excitement whilst improving the editing (as best we could).

A time came to accept our limitations in order to get just one video launched. We could literally have spent another month perfecting, studying and editing further.

Launching Our 1st Youtube Video

So, we decided to do our best and launch the video. What a relief when we did. Followed by the elated feeling of “yes we did it” kicked in. Then the worry of “do you think it is ok” do you think people will like it” played over and over again in our minds.

On the whole, it was a fun experience and we are very much looking forward to doing more videos. In fact, it’s kinda turned into an obsession and an exciting feeling planning a new video.

We are sure as time goes on, we will improve. We see the mistakes, wrong clips, and bad lighting. As the experts say practice and improve just one thing each time you record a video and things will get better. And this is what we intend to do and enjoy along the way.

It’s a huge relief to know there is an amazing amount of free excellent tutorials and guides on youtube. All we can say is a huge thank you. If we had to pay for any of that, we doubt very much we would have launched our video as soon as we did.

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