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Top 5 Must Have RV Kitchen Items

How did we end up with our Top 5 Must-Have RV Kitchen Items?. You got it, coffee. Coffee to contemplate what to keep, what to buy, what to throw away. Even more, coffee to contemplate “Did we make the right choice”

This is the dilemma we found ourselves in downsizing from our sticks and bricks kitchen to our RV kitchen. More of a dilemma when you are actually in the food industry. We already had a stockpile of everything anybody ever required, needed or wanted in a kitchen with a plethora of gadgets and machines big and small.


Wow, we really did have some clearing up to do and it wasn’t going to be easy at all. We poured our hearts and soul into our business life. Along with a great deal of life savings, blood, sweat and tears plus laughs of joy. Now it seemed within a heartbeat, it all had to either stay or go.

So, now we have gotten over the acceptance part, it’s time to accept the mammoth downsizing task. Downsizing our kitchen toys rapidly, boy that came around quicker than we anticipated. First, we had to be realistic, second, we had to accept again “this is not easy”. And last but not least, take away the emotion, ignore it and just do it even with tears in our eyes (well in my eyes the wife).

The Final Three Q’s

The FINAL three question’s to ask ourselves when selling, giving or dumping items away to end up with our Top 5 Must-Have RV Kitchen Items was –


2 “How Often will we EVER REALLY USE THIS”?

3 “When did we LAST USE THIS & WHAT FOR”?

Those last three questions, to be honest, were our last final attempt to sort everything out once we downsized to three piles of items, YES, NO or MAYBE.

Phew, now that we decided what to keep, sell and ditch, what did we decide to keep? Look out for our kept but never used post too which should be coming soon.

Once you have visited the above page and discovered what we kept with us on the road (yes we know, some are ridiculous) you will understand what kitchen items have proven to be the most beneficial, daily, reliable and easy to use, store and keep. Here we go, here’s our Top 5 Must-Have RV Kitchen Items:-

Top 5 Must-Have RV Kitchen Items

Ninja Foodie

1 The Ninja Foodi is by far one of the best kitchen items we invested in for Full-Time RV Living. With several multi-use functions, it’s a winner each time. Pressure, Steam, Slow Cook, Sear, Saute, Air Crisp, Bake, Roast and Broil.

2 The Ninja Blender is a fabulous piece of kitchen equipment that we’ve had now for over a year. Great for making quick healthy smoothies, dips, sauces and baby food. It comes with blender cups for easy portion control for grab and go take it with you. Creating Ice drinks in the summer is a breeze, add Ice, blends/crushes with a breeze.

3 Gotham Steel Non-Stick Pans.
Superb non-stick, long-lasting, durable and easy to clean. Best of all NO OIL required. We love these pans and use inside and outside our RV without the dread of trying to disperse that nasty oil at the end of the day.

4 Breville Juicer Juicing has no doubt become extremely popular in recent years with many juicing shops popping up in major towns and cities. Still, they can prove to be an expensive treat depending on what you choose. However, there is nothing better than creating your own energizing, healing, healthy juice AND it’s unbelievably easy (you will see just how easy in one of our RV Exec Chef Videos on You-tube. Over the years we have tried several juicers and can quite honestly say the Breville Juicer hits the mark with us. One main selling point, in particular, is the large spout. It’s easy to use, easy to clean and stores away nicely considering its size due to the pieces breaking down into smaller components for storage. Or, you can display on your countertop as is.

5 Black & Decker Coffee Maker Quite a nice surprise as a coffee maker. I never expected it to be so good. We purchased this one due to our original one breaking, then we purchased another one, got it home and broke, this was our third option. The price seemed pretty good. It looks good, it’s quick, settings are easy (we hate too many settings) and easy to store and clean. Great timer too.

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